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24 Apr 2024

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Sofia Jerndal, Marketing

deGrazie is a QR code solution provider aiming to deliver a unique ordering experience at restaurants. The Portugal-based company has chosen ZTLment’s solution to improve their payout processes, making transfers more efficient and enhancing the overall customer experience.


Headquartered in Lisbon, deGrazie is a leading provider of QR-payment solutions for restaurants, with already 2 million accomplished transactions. deGrazie enables customers to conveniently order and pay directly through their mobile devices. The overarching value proposition for deGrazie is to facilitate fund transfers to their partner restaurants.

Prior to our partnership, deGrazie faced time-consuming manual payout operations burdened by both delays and high SEPA instant transfer fees. This induced a manual workload, financial opacity, and high financial costs. Such businesses need highly reliable payment solutions capable of delivering premium payment experiences.

Usual simple SEPA transfers are outdated and slow, instant transfers are expensive and in either way, executing bulk payments is a nightmare. ZTLment aims to bring a modern payment experience to businesses that struggle with the old banking system.

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ZTLment provided a fully automated payout solution to deGrazie, using deGrazie’s QR codes as a trigger for the payout process. Every time a customer from a restaurant is using deGrazie’s products, a payment object triggers a request for approval in ZTLment’s dashboard, making the whole process automated from deGrazie’s perspective. deGrazie has been onboarded to ZTLment’s bulk payout solution to enhance their payout processes where every transfer had to be configured and approved manually.

ZTLment created a unique payment solution using a single CSV file to process unlimited bulk payments settled instantly. You only have to drag and drop the file in ZTLment’s dashboard and approve the payment in our application with a simple swipe. The Portuguese company, previously burdened by high instant SEPA transaction fees, has benefited from ZTLment’s instant transfer feature. Thanks to blockchain technology and our banking partner Monerium, transactions are settled in seconds with minimal fees.

Businesses like deGrazie need their payment procedures to be simplified but banks do not offer such solutions and are expensive to work with. ZTLment is built with a business first approach and aims to bring the smoothest experience to its customers and make it possible for them to pay as fast as a swipe.


deGrazie can now facilitate fully automated and immediate payouts.

ZTLment has introduced a range of enhancements to streamline deGrazie's payout efficiency and simplify its payment processing. One of the most impactful changes was the automation and acceleration of fund transfers.

Through this integration, deGrazie saw a reduction in instant SEPA fees, centralized payout management within a user-friendly interface, automation of bulk payouts, and essentially a drastic reduction of manual workload. With this partnership, deGrazie takes a leap forward in becoming the preferred choice for restaurants seeking faster and more efficient ordering solutions.

Save €100k or more

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complex payments operations.

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© 2024 ZTLment | CVR 41801298 | FTID 22043 | Linnésgade 20A, 2.sal, 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark

© 2024 ZTLment | CVR 41801298 | FTID 22043 | Linnésgade 20A, 2.sal, 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark