Building ZTLment

This is a payment.
Looks simple, right?

However, with traditional payments infrastructure,
this is what it looks like behind the scenes

All of these intermediary steps create challenges when companies want to
do business

What if payments could flow as the work is being done - and finance no longer was a bottleneck for growth?

Company A

Company B

At ZTLment, we are building a better way for businesses to manage their finance workflows

By achieving technological and regulatory breakthrough, we enable businesses to adopt the future of finance in a simple, safe and compliant manner. Our product philosophy is centred around one core concept - finance workflows, without the work.

Why financial infrastructure needs change

Open banking showed potential in its early days, but has failed to bypass its greatest limitation for stronger adoption: it is built on outdated banking infrastructure - most of which dates back to the 1970s.

Similarly, blockchain - despite its transformative potential for finance - met blockers to widescale adoption. The only missing ingredients to date have been: 1) the backing of financial regulators, and 2) a familiar and intuitive user experience.

That was until February 2022, when ZTLment became Europe's first licensed payments institution built on blockchain. We have proven that shifting payments over to decentralized technology does not mean moving to the wild west, but rather, embracing the future of finance in a simple, safe and compliant way.

Flexible by design

At ZTLment we pride ourselves on building a flexible and intuitive finance experience that is shaped around the way a company does business. We call this conditional payments - which function exactly as they sound: payments are released when a certain conditions in a business workflow are met.

This flexibility helps businesses accommodate stakeholders across their value chain in a far more trustworthy, efficient and transparent manner:

  • Want to send your payment once you have received delivery of the goods? ✅

  • Or once your business partners have met a milestone in your workflow? ✅

All while automating the flow of funds and assets with greater trust and end-to-end transparency.

Our team of payment pioneers

Mads Stolberg-Larsen

Co-founder and CEO

Jason Spasovski

Co-founder and CTO

Harry Kearney

Co-founder and COO

Stefan Nielsen


Nicolai Habla

Head of Product

Martijn van Schutterhoef

Business Development Manager

Liv Hartoft Borre

Back-end Developer

Frederik Fuglsbjerg


Gitte Danelund

Money Laundering Reporting Officer

We have worked with blockchain and conditional payments long before we started ZTLment:

  • Mads, our CEO, led the world’s first transaction using smart contracts and licensed e-money, while working as the Head of FinTech and Blockchain at Tradeshift Frontiers.

  • Harry and Jason, specialising in blockchain and human-centred design, worked together at Deloitte as Senior Consultants to bring the power of blockchain to real-world use cases for world-class enterprises.

  • Stefan, our CCO, has led commercial efforts in payments companies from stages 0-1, and 1-100.

We had experienced first-hand the blockers to wide scale blockchain adoption for businesses, and we knew that we were entering uncharted territory in the payments landscape - especially from the regulatory perspective.

We set out to prove to the Danish FSA that payments could be settled and cleared in a decentralised manner that was also in accordance with regulatory requirements.

One and a half year later, we received our payments institution license under the PSD2 directive, and now help business across the EU market experience the future of finance in a simple, safe and compliant way.

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ZTLment is a licensed payments institute, authorized by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority to provide financial services to businesses in Europe.

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