Automate Complex Business Payouts with ZTLment's Smart Contract Technology


7 Sept 2023

Harry Kearney, COO


Whether you're a CFO or Financial Controller, managing complex business payouts can be a headache. Manual and complex payout processes result in late payments, high costs, and slow transaction times. Thankfully, ZTLment offers a solution to automate business payouts with smart contract technology. In this blog post, we will discuss the problems of complex business payouts and how ZTLment's technology can solve them.

Problem #1: Late Payments

Late payments can be frustrating for both businesses and their recipients. Traditional payout processes are often riddled with delays, errors, and high transaction fees. Companies may have to manually check and process payouts, leading to inaccuracies. This can lead to lost income and damage business relationships. ZTLment's smart contract technology solves this problem by automating the payout process based on real-time data. Payouts are processed instantly, ensuring timely payments and that business relationships remain intact.

Solution: ZTLment's Smart Contract Technology

ZTLment's smart contract technology is a breath of fresh air for businesses struggling with late payments. By integrating blockchain technology, ZTLment's platform offers a reliable and automated payout process. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into the code. This means that the payout process is triggered automatically once the conditions in the contract are fulfilled. No more waiting, no more manual checking, and most importantly, no more late payments. With ZTLment, businesses can rest assured that their payments are timely, accurate, and secure.

Problem #2: High Costs

Traditional payout methods incur high transaction fees and manual processing costs. As a CFO, this can take up valuable time and resources that could be spent on other business operations. Fortunately, ZTLment offers cost-efficient payout solutions that reduce operational costs and transaction fees. The platform can handle bulk payouts and simple one-time payments, offering customised payout conditions to suit all business needs. Additionally, ZTLment's compliance with regulated smart contract software and regulated euros ensures secure transactions while still keeping costs low.

Solution: ZTLment's Efficient and Economical Payouts

ZTLment's smart contract technology not only provides a remedy for late payments, but also addresses the problem of high costs associated with traditional payout methods. By automating the payout process, the technology eliminates manual processing costs and minimises errors that can be expensive to rectify. Furthermore, ZTLment's platform operates with low transaction fees, which can result in significant savings over time. The combination of these factors means that with ZTLment, businesses can manage their payout process in a more efficient and economical manner. Plus, the platform’s ability to handle both bulk payouts and simple one-time payments ensures that ZTLment is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes and needs. So, why wait? Start streamlining your payout process and saving money with ZTLment today!

Problem #3: Slow Transaction Times

Slow transaction times can affect cash flow and business operations, leading to missed opportunities. Complex payout processes that require manual handling or multiple intermediaries can slow down transaction times. ZTLment eliminates these issues by streamlining the payout process. The platform offers real-time data-driven payouts, ensuring swift and accurate transactions. As a CFO, you can trust ZTLment to handle all your payout needs efficiently and quickly.

Solution: ZTLment's Fast and Accurate Transactions

Forget the days of waiting around for transactions to clear. ZTLment's smart contract technology ensures rapid, accurate transactions, eliminating slow transaction times that can negatively impact your business. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform enables real-time, data-driven payouts. Once the conditions in the smart contract are met, the payout is processed instantly, no intermediaries required. This ensures that your business maintains a healthy cash flow and that any opportunities that come your way can be seized without delay. Moreover, the platform's commitment to accuracy means you won't have to spend valuable time fixing errors. With ZTLment, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your transactions are handled both swiftly and accurately.

Problem #4: Complex Payout Processes

Complex payout processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. This can negatively affect the business's bottom line. Payout receivers may also have to navigate multiple payout systems, leading to confusion. ZTLment offers a solution to simplify these complex payout processes with its smart contract technology. The platform offers customized payout conditions to ensure that all payout requirements are met in a streamlined way. By simplifying the payout process, ZTLment helps businesses save time, reduce errors, and improve cash flow management.

Solution: ZTLment's Simplified Payout Process

Stress no more about complex payout processes. ZTLment's smart contract technology offers a simple, efficient, and error-free process. With its capacity to customise payout conditions, every business's needs are catered to, making the payout process seamless and straightforward. The platform's smart contract technology automates the payouts, reducing manual labor and the likelihood of errors. This not only saves time but also significantly improves cash flow management. Recipients also benefit from the simplified system, as they no longer have to navigate through various payout systems; they will receive their payments in a streamlined and timely manner. With ZTLment, you can bid farewell to complex payout processes and welcome a more simplified, efficient, and reliable solution.


As a CFO, you need a payout system that is secure, efficient, and cost-effective. ZTLment offers the solution to these problems with its automated payout platform. It eliminates the pain points of complex payout processes, improves cash flow management, and maintains healthy business relationships. With ZTLment's regulated smart contract technology, businesses can trust that their payouts are secure, compliant, and efficient. It's no wonder why ZTLment is a popular choice among e-commerce platforms, affiliate networks, supply chain companies, freelance marketplaces, and any business with complex payment needs.

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© 2024 ZTLment | CVR 41801298 | FTID 22043 | Linnésgade 20A, 2.sal, 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark

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