May 2023 Newsletter


24 May 2023

Frederik Fuglsbjerg, Marketing

Welcome back to the ZTLment newsletter! Since last month a bunch of exciting things have been going on behind the scenes on our end, and we are happy to share what we’ve been up to here!

1. FinTech veteran, Stefan Nielsen, is joining as Chief Commercial Officer

Stefan comes with extensive experience from fintech and the payments world, where he has worked at companies like Kevin. & (Corpay One). He has been a part of scaling multiple companies from angel investments to exits. He also brings in experience from across Europe having led +50 people in over 19 countries.

When he is not scaling fintech time is spent with his fiancé, their two dogs, kitchen garden & handball.

2. New feature: Set up smart contracts from Excel

At ZTLment, we believe in building products that are frictionless enablers of greater trust, transparency and efficiency. Finance teams should be able to use our tools without having to switch their workflows - and the most popular finance tool out there is Excel!

So now we allow you to drag-and-drop files directly into our platform to set up smart contract payments - no manual invoicing, no risk of reconciliation errors, and countless hours saved for you and your business partners.

3. Website update: News and Insights Hub now available

Read more news and updates from ZTLment on the News and Insights Hub which is now available on our website.

Recent posts include:

  1. A guide to conditional payments

  2. Demystifying blockchain: The Future of Finance with ZTLment

  3. A single ledger for certificates and money

4. News that caught our attention: McKinsey net zero economy report

McKinsey estimates that 7.5% of global GDP needs to go into the net zero transition to reach Paris Agreement.

But with that much money required to flow into the market, the need for trust and transparency is amplified. Read our post on this topic here.

5. ZTLment featured in MIT research: “4 business approaches to blockchain”

Gayan Benedict, Ina Sebastian, and Stephanie Woerner mention ZTLment and our “all-in” business approach to blockchain technology, in their new research briefing titled “Creating Value From Web3: Four Approach To Adopting Blockchain”.

A great quote to summarise their mention of ZTLment: “Unencumbered by legacy practices and infrastructure, these companies, such as Denmark’s ZTLment, aim to introduce decentralized Web3 offerings into markets dominated by conventional centralized businesses, such as payment-service providers.”

That was it for this time around! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next updates, as we have some very interesting updates news and features in roadmap.

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© 2024 ZTLment | CVR 41801298 | FTID 22043 | Linnésgade 20A, 2.sal, 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark

© 2024 ZTLment | CVR 41801298 | FTID 22043 | Linnésgade 20A, 2.sal, 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark